The Opena iPhone 4 Case With Slide Out Bottle Opener

One of the product that made possible for production with the help of Kickstarter called Opena is going to ship very soon. Opena is not an a pen, door opener or something funny for a pet name. Opena is the new case for iPhone 4 which has integrated a big plate of steel at the rear side which can be slide out for opening bottle’s cap.


Yep, it’s an bottle opener. as simple as that. Why do people want to make it difficult anyway? Opena is a bottle opener, and just that. As far as protection for iPhone 4, I think it can do fairly well. But not until you want to open a bottle. I’m not sure yet if the back plate is real sturdy. If not, you are risking your Apple iPhone 4’s backplate. Also, opening a shaken up liquor will taking the risk of splashing liquid to the iPhone 4 ports, speaker and mic.

However, if you think you can handle it carefully and make sure every bottle you open is not shaken up, this Opena iPhone 4 is pretty cool actually.

If you are interested, you can get one for $39.95 at Openacase.

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