Versetta Handbag Has A Built-in iPad Holder

People has started to think that bag or suitcase can be tailored together with the popular iPad tablet. Versetta is the first to introduce this sweet feature onto their handbag. The handbag has a nice folding flap that is big enough to hold and cover the iPad. You are really just a zip away from uncovering the iPad and it’s very good for use on the airport when you are waiting for your departure.


Versetta Handbag support both original iPad and iPad 2, but it might be usable on other tablet device that has the same dimension. This handbag is a solid option for traveler who can’t live without their iPad. Beside it’s useful to carry the tablet, it’s also pretty elegant to use and stylish for the community.

“We introduced the Versetta bags and cases at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and received rave reviews,” said Scott. “iPad enthusiasts, particularly the ‘Techy Moms’ were thrilled to find a truly fashionable solution to easily access and interact with their tablet computers. “

No idea how much Versetta Handbag will cost you yet.

[via HotHardware]

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