Telikin Touchscreen PC With Easy Accessible Function To All Stuffs You Need

An all-in-one PC is not yet the thing from the past. Companies still developing new twist of all-in-one PC and they are growing better and better. Of course, not all of them are performance beast and some of them are made for the midstream users that require no strong processing power, but are tasty for features to make their life easier.


Taking the latest all-in-one PC – the Telikin Touchscreen PC for example. This new system is not aiming for the high performance chasers. Instead, it’s aiming for those who dislike the complexity of an OS, and would love to get something easier to user and navigate around. Telikin Touchscreen PC system has come together with video chat, email system, photo sharing, calendar, news, weather report, address book, games, and internet browser.

The internet browser is rather interesting because it has come with an easy access to news, home shopping, or your personal favorite sites. Specification wise, Telikin Touchscreen PC is using 1.8GHz dual core processor, 18.6-inch display, 2GB SDRAM, 320GB, 1.3MP webcam, built-in DVD drive, four USB ports and one memory card reader. The overall design is about the same as MSI Wind Top All-in-One PC with crystal clear frame.

This Telikin Touchscreen PC is retailing for just $699. You can get more details by visiting their website at

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