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Tokyoflash Right Angle LCD Watch Concept

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Tokyoflash has got another interesting watch design that will make reading watch a sort of challenge. Of course, that is their style anyway. Their previous watch designs are all amazingly alien-tech, reading them would make someone dizzy if they don’t read the instruction manual properly, or not having a good math in their head.


However, the latest watch concept is easier to read. I can say, the Right Angle LCD watch is the simplified version of Tokyoflash watch. Of course, you are still required to look at the surface of the watch in some sort of unique point of view or it won’t be the watch from Tokyoflash after all.

From the first look upon this Right Angle LCD watch, the watch has a tall face. Yep, I mean it. On the top view, the digital characters are blurry. You have to twist your arm to a certain degree before you can view it properly. This watch is designed with built-in backlight so you can read the time even it’s in the dark.


Even better, TokyoFlash Right Angle LCD watch has a built-in USB storage, with the USB port on the left side of the watch. Currently, this Right Angle LCD watch is still a concept. However, it will eventually end up being a real product if the product design has got enough vote from the users.

If you love to see this watch concept to become a real watch, go visit Tokyoflash and vote your voice.

[via SlashGear, TechChee]
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