Sexy Sound Box Dock Station Looks Like a Wine Bottle

A new concept found at YankoDesign is featuring a sexy looking of a fat belly wine bottle. But, it’s not a liquor or something alcoholic. This so called “Sound Box” is a speaker dock for iPad or iPod that has a set of separated speakers that looks like a set of wine bottle.


Of course, you can look at it as a flower vase if you are not the drunker. This sound box dock station has a built-in hard drive to store your music, radio, alarm and volume control with touch sensitive slider. This Sound Box is very polite because every time you open the lid up, it will greet you with a “Hello!”. No idea what and where to plug in the power source, I suspect it to be self powered unit and they can be recharged when the juice has dried out.



Sadly, concept is a concept. No idea when it will be hitting the market with its sexiness…

[via YankoDesign]

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