Sony VBD-MA1 External Blu-ray Burner Has Built-in LCD Screen

If it’s all about a new external blu-ray burner, I don’t think the market would be so heat up with it. However, how about a blu-ray burner with built-in LCD display where you can preview your videos or photos before recording? Now that’s what I want to see!


Yes, Sony has developed this type of external blu-ray burner called VBD-MA1. This External Blu-ray and DVD burner even allow you to hook up to your camcorder or camera and burn the files into discs without getting through a PC interface. That is a big time saver!

I did mentioned Sony VBD-MA1 has an external display, didn’t I? Well, yes, it has a 2.7-inch colorful LCD screen to view the content before burning into a disc, and there are a bunch of buttons for navigational below the screen, composite port at the rear side and ports for camcorder/camera (USB) at the right side.

Sony VBD-MA1 external Blu-ray writer is currently available at Amazon for $269. It looks like a nice investment if you happen to archive a lot of your holidays recording and photos. Enjoy the ease of backing up your files without the interference of a PC!

[via Winarco]

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