Quirky Pose Camera Case Is Also A Camera Stand

If you dislike bringing tripod along with your travel for taking pictures of yourself, this Quirky Pose Camera case is a helpful accessory for your camera.


Aside from providing camera protection using a rubber padded case, this Quirky Pose Camera also coming with a camera mount and the case can be folded to provide a tripod-like stand for the camera to take picture.

You can even roll it onto a stick, steel fence or similar thin objects.


-Compatible with most point and shoot cameras
-Camera mount allows for easy attachment
-Case folds open into a landscape camera stand
-Case can be wrapped around objects to hold camera in landscape or portrait mode
-Stand attachment can slide back and forth to suit your needs
-Stand attachment can be snapped out of case for quick release
-Neoprene case with rubber textured pattern
-Weather resistant case

Quirky Pose camera case is available for $23.99 USD. You can find more images at Quirky Pose Camera case official page.

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