USB 8-bit Style Pixel PC Mouse

If you have been collecting bunch of 8-pixel gadgets, this PC Mouse is something that you don’t want to miss. Perpetual Kids recently has introduced their new unique gadget called “USB Pixel PC Mouse” which is taking the shape of the usual 8-bit pixel pointer hand found in your PC.


The design is quite bold with strong border around the mouse. But luckily, the mouse surface is smooth, a little bit emboss to support the palm, and there is a right click and left click too! The straight forefinger is the left button, and the three fingers at the right of forefinger are the right button. It’s quite unique and I can say that right button is pretty convenient to click at as it has a wide surface.

This USB Pixel PC mouse is available now for $19.99, if you are interested you can get it now at Perpetual Kid.

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