LEGO Computer Case Mod Can Host 3 Computers

There is an infinite ways to make use of LEGO building blocks. Even it’s a toy that kids would play, the toy remains evergreen even for the grown-up. There have been a lot of things made with LEGO blocks, and most of them are amazing and likely better. I’ve seen the blocks made for a PC case, but this version made by Mike Schropp is really amazing.


This LEGO PC Case is made out of 2,000 black LEGO blocks, excluding the transparent acrylic on the doors and top cover. What’s cool is not the case along. Mike the builder has designed that the PC case mod would be able to house a 12-core PC beast inside this creative PC case.

According to the spec list, this PC case is hosting three Quad cored CPUs (Core i7) along with it’s cooler, one motherboard, SSDs storage, DDR3 memory, eight large fans and one modified PSU to keep the 12-core beast properly fed.

You can find more details and Mike’s site. It will be a good blueprint as according to the creator, building this 3 CPUs PC is more power efficient than build them separately.

[via UberGizmo]

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