Bracketron Dual USB Charger

Bracketron Dual USB Charger is a new in-car USB charger that you can take wherever you go in your car to juice up your portable gadgets and smartphones. USB port has been the essential addon in car, especially for those who love to travel by car. Without an in-car USB charger, people who love to play on their cell phone on a long travel will have a hard time on rejuicing their gadgets on the way unless they stop for a motel or restaurant. What if the long down to the destination is filled with nothing but long road, mountain, and forest? Of course, you can also get a solar charger to juice the gadget, but what if you are taking a night trip?


The only solution is to get an in-car USB charger. A company named Bracketron (Sounds like an Autobot) has introduced a dual USB charger that you can charge two USB gadgets at once using any 12v port available in your car.


  • Fast charging for multiple devices, including iPad, iPhone/iPod, MP3 players and smartphone
  • Low profile charger fits into any 12v port
  • 2.1A and 1.0A USB ports
  • Power LED light

With the Dual USB charger, you can now charge or power two devices at the same time.

The low-profile dual charger includes both high and low-current USB outputs, perfect for charging your tablet and handheld mobile device simultaneously while you’re on the road.

This Bracketron Dual USB Charger is currently retailing for $24.95 at Bracketron.

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