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Elecom x nendo Karabiner Type USB Flash Drive

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Elecom has a new variant of USB flash drive other then their x nendo DATA clip. While it’s not entirely a paperclip now, x nendo Karabiner is also a type of clip that most rock climber will use on their adventures.


Of course, you can’t really hope that x nendo Karabiner will be your rock climbing accessory. It’s just a clone of the real carabiners, with the one of the side end up with an USB flash drive port that has fully protected with a color matching cap.

This Elecom x nendo Karabiner Type USB flash drive is currently available at the same place where you would found x nendo DATA clip. It’s available in 5 colors, including white, red, blue, green and black with each of them costing you $43.4 USD (4GB storage).

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