ZooGue BinderPad Case For iPad 2

ZooGue BinderPad case is a simple solution for student to attach their iPad 2 with their binder that people have never thought about it. It’s very simple really. The ZooGue BinderPad make use of the regular 3 ring binder by creating a matching case with three holes to fit into the Binder. ZooGue BinderPad will stay intact with the binder as tidy as the files and student can easily flip it back and forth.


More and more school and university has started to switch from using paper text books to a tablet, and iPad 2 is the most popular after all. ZooGue BinderPad case is the first step to take the seamless integration with student’s stationary and I believe most student would love this kind of solution for their study.

The ZooGue BinderPad case is made of polyester materials, weighing at 3.3oz, about half an inch thick, and fit to any 3-ring binder. For just $29.99, you can turn any 3-ring binder into a hi-tech gadget. Of course, you still have to get the iPad 2 beforehand.

[via Chipchick]

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