J!ns Moisture Eyewear To Moisturizes Your Strained Eyeballs

Bloggers, web designer, freelance online author, or any job else that put themselves in front of the PC all day long is prone to suffer serious eye-strains. The most problem occur because user doesn’t blink their eyes much when working, tensing upon their jobs and projects for a long hours. This, of course, will cause the eye to strain, and losing the moisture on the surface of the eyes.


Up to date, there is no solution for this problem yet. People are recommended to take rest every 30 minutes to relax their eyes a bit, but I know only 1 out of 10 would take rest properly. To solve this matter, glasses maker J!ns has unveiled a new glasses called J!ns moisture that has a clever contraption embedded pair that helps moisten our eyes.

The glasses will keep the moisture in your eyes and you can free yourself from eye drops. J!ns also introduce a variant called J!ns PC, which is a special glasses that would reduces the numbing glare on a high contrast screen. This useful glasses are, sadly going to be available under a high price at the end of October 2011. We are not sure what the exact pricing is, but you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for them.

Of course, to take care of your eyes require more than just a glasses. It’s still gonna be “you” that should aware of the situation and condition. Take rest properly, avoid watching 3D movies/playing 3D games in a long session because they are the best entertainment to make you blind. They don’t really pop out, aren’t they? :)

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