Nintendo 3DS Price Dropped: From $249.99 to $169.99

Great news for those who haven’t got their Nintendo 3DS or are planning to get one. Nintendo 3DS has been heavily discounted by Nintendo, where you can save $80 on purchasing the new one. This early price drop should indicate that the console is not really popular amongst gamers, because the number of sales aren’t quite what Nintendo had hoped for. The company believe that if they slashed off the price lower, it may help to spring the sales further to reach their marketing goals.


Well, I’m not sure though. Of course, price might be the top most reason to turn a gamers down from purchasing one, but the 3D games are quite there yet and because of the 3D effects has some serious health issues (especially to eyes), lots of parents has started to look for a better gaming gadget for their kids.

Unless you are willing to turn off the 3D effects and willing to play the 3D games in 2D mode, Nintendo 3DS is still a great portable console that should be as popular as the NDS developed by the same company. NDS is the legend of the portable console, which the sales has never been beaten by anyone else. Hopefully, Nintendo 3DS would make it up that high, too, in the future.

Buy Nintendo 3DS for $169.99 at Amazon if you want one.

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