FireText Smoke Alarm: It Will Send You An SMS When Smoke Detected

You are risking your home if you haven’t installed any smoke or fire alarm in your house. Unless you are the type that has got a home office doing your home based business, a fire / smoke alarm is a necessity to keep the home safe. However, not all smoke alarm will text you a message like this FireText would when the device detected smoke. It’s very useful because you can take immediate action even if you are not around, like calling the local officer to check it out for you.


This FireText alarm is coming with a SIM card slot where you can fit in a working SIM card so it can text a message in emergency situation. This FireText smoke alarm is capable of sending text messages to 4 people at once, in case you are the clumsy type that always forgot to bring your cell phone with you.

FireText Alarm features photoelectric smoke detection, which is ideal for smoldering fire and compliant with a few standards, including EN1406, AS3786 and UL217. Other than detecting smoke and texting for help, this smoke alarms will also scream out loud to alert the neighborhood. Of course, such kind of alarm is priced at a higer price tag. If you are willing to pay $144 for a smoke alarm, you can have a detail look at Firebox.

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