The Automatic Mini Donut Factory – Making Mini Donut Has Never Been This Easy

Donuts, donuts, donuts. Lots of people like donuts. But most of the time, I would go to the store to get one instead of creating one myself. It’s too difficult, and I’m too lazy to look a the recipe to make a great donut. If you are like me, perhaps what Nostalgia Products Group has introduced lately is the instant solution to cure our addiction to donuts.

The company has introduced their “Automatic Mini Donut Factory”, which is a device that looks a bit like a sewing machine but it will omit donuts instead of sewing fabric.


Yes, you could be the owner/boss of this little “donuts factory” in your home! For the price of $179.99, you can purchase this all-in-one donuts making machine that take care of everything and automatically produces tasty donuts. Of course, you are still required to mix up the batter and put it in to the device. Then? that’s it! You just have to wait for the machine to do its job.

This Automatic Mini Donut Factory will mold the donuts, then fry them up properly. Each batch of dough is capable of producing up to 30 mini donuts, and the cook process will take less than 90 seconds. You can see the donuts flipping and cooking through the clear window if you want to know how it work. However, it seems the donuts is fried with cooking oil. If you dislike oily food, this stuff might not the best thing for you.

[via PR Web]

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