LG V300-DE10K All-in-One Desktop PC

LG Korea has rolled out their new all-in-one desktop PC known as V300-DE10K and it has available all at once in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


This all-in-one desktop PC is pretty elegant, with white as basic color and black bold strip design coloring the frame. LG V300-DE10K all-in-one desktop PC is coming with 23-inch IPS display for best and stunning display quality, and it has 178-degree viewing angle and triple camera system for super sensitive multitouch capability.

LG V300-DE10K all-in-one PC is featuring Intel Core i7 processor (Sandy Bridge) as the main powerhouse, but it’s also paired with AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphic to boost the display quality, as well as gaming capability.

This AiO desktop PC has 8GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB HDD and blu-ray drive coming along with the strong resources. I saw a bright future of this all-in-one PC, especially for gamers who love a desktop replacement that save a lot of space. It has a narrow but sturdy stand that won’t eat up a lot of space, paired with wireless keyboard and mouse set that you can move it around freely regardless of cable length.

Sadly, LG Korea haven’t released any details of the pricing information. Guess you have to wait for a little awhile for the U.S. pricing.

[AkihabaraNews via TechFresh, Winarco]

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