Tokyoflash Hexagons LED Watch – You Have To Be A Bee To Read This Watch

No kidding. By far, this Hexagons LED Watch from Tokyoflash is the hardest to read watch as it’s elevating some kind of beehive puzzle to twist your mind when you are trying to read the time. At least, I thought so personally… (Perhaps I’m pretty suck on something like this. :)).


This Hexagons LED Watch takes the time reading into the solving the puzzle in the beehive style. You really can’t read the time if you haven’t properly gone through the manual book. From the first sight, it’s a group of two colored light up hexagons lines, where you you have to tell the time by figuring out the mystery behind the hexagons and colors. I really can’t explain it better. However, the following image will tell you how to read them properly.




It appears there are several mode in time reading on this Hexagons LED watch. It would be a great timepiece to impress the girls and it’s impossible to read it without proper training. I’m sure even it’s too sophisticated to use, it would make a hot product on Tokyoflash as their aim is to make geek’s life harder than ever in reading time.

This hexagons LED Watch is still a concept at the moment, but I believe it would become one of Tokyoflash flagship products if it ever hit the mass production stage.

[via YankoDesign]

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