Use iStrike Stylus Digital Match If You Hate Fingerprints On Your Capacitive Screens

If the study that telling you Touchscreen phone is dirtier than a man’s toilet flush handle scared you, you might have tried to find for solution to work with your phone without interacting with the screen in naked mode anymore. There are several ways anyway, one of the oldest yet modest is to use a stylus.

However, if your phone has the capacitive type of screen, you may not be able to use the traditional stylus pen. You have to look for something like this iStrike Stylus Digital Match to free your finger from touching the screen surface, yet you can still manage to navigate through your phone’s menu without problem.


Yep, this is the match-shaped digital stylus pen for any phone with capacitive screen. This includes iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The iStrike Stylus has been design with precision, so using this stylus for drawing is actually better than your fingers. At the same time, iStrike Stylus also keep the screen from smudges and dirts.

FredFlare has this iStrike Stylus Digital Match for only $9.99. You still have to pre-order them right now, but your wait won’t be long.

[via Chip Chick]

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