Leaked Specification For Sony S1 and S2 Android Tablets

I believe you’ve seen the demo of Sony S1 and S2 tablets. Recently, through the guys over at CNET, they’ve obtained a leaked information regarding this two cool tablet devices. According to the them, Sony S1 and S2 tablet is going to be available in two common sizes of 16GB and 32GB and each model will get its own WiFi-only and WiFi+3G model as well, except Sony S2 without the WiFi-only.


Sony S1 is said to be coming with 9.4-inch IPS multi-touch display, and it’s going to be accompanied with Sony’s TruBlack and Bravia display technologies.

I’m certainly believe that IPS multi-touch display will perform outrageously on a tablet computer. Plus, the quality would be double folded with Sony’s proud Bravia engine/technologies.

I’ve almost set my foot on Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet, but after seeing this specification, I’m intrigued and I’ll wait for this tablet before deciding anything.

If the quality is amazing, plus the price is reasonable (a little bit higher is okay, anyway), I’ll kick everything else aside and get this Sony S1.

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