Brushed Aluminum Gasket iPhone 4 Case

If your work made you become the gasket player (who designed them, craft them or manufacture them), you might be happy with this new series of iPhone 4 case. It take the shape of vehicle gasket and turn it into the iPhone case with brushed aluminum style.


There is the holes that made exclusively to reveal the Apple logo, trademark, text and the camera as well. It feel so mechanical anyway, so if you like this type of gadget, you should dress your iPhone 4 with this case.

According to the source, this brushed aluminum gasket case for iPhone 4 is available in various kind of finishes, which includes Silver color, Black metal, Gold, Branze and Grey.


They are available for $29.99 a pop, complete with a free screen protector for both front and rear of your iPhone 4 smartphone. Want one? Go ahead buy it here.

[via OhGizmo]

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