Nyko Zoom Lens For Kinect Is Now Available For Pre-Order

It was first appeared at GamingZap website, but it’s not available anymore. However, if you think you are looking for this accessories for your Kinect, you can now pre-order this Nyko Zoom Lens now at Amazon for $29.99!


Like what you have been told, Nyko Zoom lens provides gamer a shorter or closer gaming zone with their kinect hardware. If 8-feet is the recommended playable range, Nyko Zoom will cut it down to 4 – 5 feet only.

It’s very good for gamers who have got no wide gaming space. Nyko Zoom will literally turn a small living room into a fun gaming zoom where without the lens is impossible.

The Nyko Zoom Lens is going to ship in this August 23, 2011. Sadly, there is no early bird deal to help you save your money. If you haven’t got your Kinect hardware, that’s mean you’ll have to spend $180 in total to get them.

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