Thecorpora Qbo Open Source Robot Can Detect Hand Gestures For Playback


Unlike Nao Robot that could be programmed to dance or detect emotion, Qbo open source robot from TheCorpora is different. Even they are in the same class for its cuteness, Qbo open source robot is not the active type that will do the hippie dance. According to the source, the company develop this Qbo robot to recognize hand gestures to control the playback.

It’s kind of a different format of kinect hardware anyway. However, Qbo uses no infrared to track the environment. This open source robot is using stereoscopic vision and only capable of distinguishing hands nearby in real time. The following video will show you how the demonstrator interact with the robot:

See? A simple finger down point will decrease the volume, put a ‘v’ symbol will set it up, hold the knuckle will pause the songs, and do a push with five fingers wide open to stop. It would be nice if Xbox 360 and Kinect can do this as well.

[via GG]

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