Wall Projection Scale

If you are not fans of weighing yourself, then this gadget is not for you. However, if you are the sensitive type who would struggling to cut down the fat and measuring your weight is in your everday’s todo list, you might want to check out this new scale.


It’s a new scale with projector to show the number on the wall. This Wall projection scale offers an unique way to read your body weight, and you can even adjust the eight of the display by adjusting the range between the wall and the scale.

Of course, normal bathroom scale would do great, but if you are looking for a more ‘hippie’ way, you can go for this Wall Projection Scale. Even better, the scan is pretty sensitive when it can detect your exact weight in 0.1 kg increments. So you have to make sure that you wear nothing (a.k.a. naked) if you want to get the best measurement of your body weight.

This Wall Projection Scale is up for grab for $69.95 at Hammacher. Glad they’ve got a life-time warranty for this.

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