Eco Pod Waterproof Case For iPhone Is An Absolute Water Protection

A company called Grade Digital Audio has released a new waterproof case for iPhone 4 called Eco Pod that looks pretty rugged and functional. Aside of protecting iPhone 4, this Eco Pod also capable storing credit card, licenses card, cash, pennies or keys if you’ve got no iPhone 4 to use. Of course, you can also use it on other mobile devices, Android phones, PMP or MID as long as the dimension is acceptable.


The Eco Pod also coming with a 2-inch carabineer clip that you can clip it to your jeans, bags, or anywhere possible (that make sense). The case design has an unique exterior pressure release valve that make sure the case is sealed completely, and air tight. However, the downside is probably that you can’t interact with the iPhone when you store it inside this Eco Pod waterproof case. You have to open the container and because of that, it’s impossible for you to use it underwater.

“Grace Digital’s Eco line allows users to add their music to all their great outdoor experiences. You don’t have to worry that it’s going to rain while you’re at the park, or that your phone might get dirty and wet while at the beach or on a boat, the Eco Pod and the original Eco Extreme let you take your music anywhere your adventures take you.”

More info: Grace Digital Audio.

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