Elecom Nendo Faucet Stand

The old-fashioned faucet with water streaming down to a small puddle has set some great impact on the design world as it’s very creative and nice looking (kind of like an optical illusion). Today, the design is not just another decoration anymore as the designer from Japanese studio nendo has turn this old-fashioned design into a stand for either smartphones or tablet PCs!

Nendo designed this faucet stand for Elecom, which we have known their cooperation for long. They’ve designed a lot of gadgets for elecom, including things like flash drive, wireless mouse, cute tailed mouse and many more.


Honestly, I’m kind of amazed by this design too! Even they are just plastic, there is a great art poured in this Faucet stand. The stand is made of polycarbonate plastic with ABS faucet parts. The faucet is available in various kind of color treatment, starting from the clear, blue, black and white.

Obviously, the blue color is the most beautiful color as it clearly express out the beauty of water, while both clear and white color is kind of common. However, the black model is also excellent as it’s very suitable on any smartphone or tablet with black rear plate.



[via Design Boom]

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