BlueLounge MiniDock For Easy And Safest iDevice Charging Solution

For those who dislike the long charging cable for their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod Nano, this new cool (yet simple) solution from BlueLounge might be a good solution for you.

Often, if you are living in a room (or hotel) when traveling, their room design have placed the power outlet at a lower position. Usually when recharging our iPhone, I’ll have to place it on the dirty floor if there is no table near the power outlet.

Also, bringing the long cable along with the travel is somehow inconvenient. I’d love a solution where it’s easy to carry, free myself from the cable, yet I don’t have to place my iPhone on the floor for recharge.


If you are with me, BlueLounge MiniDock has the answer for us. The latest BlueLoung MiniDock solution offers the practical way to recharge our iPhone (3, 3Gs, 4) and iPod (Touch, Nano, 4G, etc) in a safest way.

MiniDock require you to bring the iPhone USB adapter that come along with the iPhone, in order to use this minidock. With this charging solution, the iPhone is properly placed (or hovering) in the mid air, away from the floor, dirt and no long cable to take care of.

Just find a power outlet, plug the USB adapter in, then add this BlueLounge MiniDock to the USB port and you are good to go.

BlueLounge MiniDock is currently available for $19.95 at BlueLounge Official Website.

[via UberGizmo]

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