Dunhill Solar Charger Is High-Class Style

I haven’t seen any nice looking solar charger lately as most solar powered charger come with a big ugly face wih lots of lines and blue/purple based panel. Obviously, a solar panel charger is not required to looks good anyway as long as they can generate power for our gadgets. But by looking good is also not going to hurt anybody.

Dunhill supposedly to have this type of idea, so they’ve come up with an elegant, classy, stylish solar powered charger can call them bluntly as Dunhill Solar Charger (codename: QGL079).


So why a fashion brand like Dunhill have to indulged themselves into this ‘green’ market? Something that it’s 180-degree of their current market? Well, I don’t have to idea either. Perhaps they’re are trying to leap out from their market or broadening their reach. But What I would care is the specs of the solar panel and how much it would cost.

There is no much specs revealed by Dunhill, but the website has stated that the Solar charger has some type of built-in battery that could charges up to 30 hours for portable devices like smartphones or MP3 players. Also, the solar panel can be used to recharge itself or via USB port.

To live up their brand name, Dunhill has also included a nice looking embossed leather case for this solar charger. Now, since it’s from branded name in the fashion world, I’m curious whether the influence would sky rocketed the price. There is no pricing details from Dunhill themselves, but I’m sure it’s something that only those “bornrich” are willing to buy.

[via TNerd]

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