Fetch My Keys – Loyal Doggie Shaped Key Finder

Common dogs can pick up balls, branches or toys that you throw. But only the trained dogs can pick up something else, like your shirt, your keys or pick up everything you’ve trained it to be.

However, training a dog is not easy, and if you are the lazy type, dislike dog and not willing to put your time on training a dog, then you can get this cheap Fetch My Keys will do it for you when you are trying to find your keys.


Fetch My Keys is an unique dog shaped keychain with sensor that response to whistle. Once it heard whistle-like sounds, it will activate the inner alarm and it will start blinking and beeping to let you know where your keys are.

This is really convenient and it’s only £5, a trained doggie would cost more than that, excluding the food and else!

[Product Page via ChipChick]

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