LUMI Sleep Mask As The Gentle Light Alarm

LUMI-sleep-maskDesigner named Taylor Franklin Hide has come up with an excellent way to wake up a person who’ve been accustomed to wearing a sleep mask when sleeping. The conventional sleep mask do nothing but closing your eyes so you can sleep even the light is on. Of course, thanks to the mask, you are unable to decide when the morning will come.

Taylor with his LUMI Sleep mask gives you the idea even your eyes have been enclosed with the sleep mask. The LUMI sleep mask is a special one because it has an embedded lighting effect to let you know when you should wake up. Before getting into the bed, you can set the wake-up time on the alarm controller, and when the alarm goes off in the morning, the sleep mak will glow from inside, give you the clue that the morning has come.

If you set the alarm on 6 o’clock, LUMI sleep mask will gradually lighten up at 5:30. If you are not aware of the light, it also has an alarm sounds at the end of the light effect, which is exactly on 6 o’clock.


If you are interested, LUMI Sleep Mask is currently available for $79.95 at LUMI Mask.

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