TokyoFlash Kisai 3D Unlimited Watch Is All About The 3D Cube Art

Tokyoflash has come up with yet another cool wrist watch called Kisai 3D Unlimited. This watch is taking the shape of hexagon, containing a 3D cube-like digital numbering that show your time.


This Kisai 3D unlimited is not as hard to read as their older model. As for what Tokyoflash has explained, this 3d watch is:

“Easy to read at a glance, Kisai 3D Unlimited has an “always on” mirrored LCD display which shows the time in hours and minutes. One push of the lower button changes the display to date mode which shows month and date. The design also has an EL backlight which illuminates the display making it easier to read at night time.”

For $120, you can get this Kisai 3D unlimited watch at TokyoFlash website.

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