Bonobo Plywood Bike, Because Nature Is Always The Best

Polish designer Stanisław Płoski has come up with an eco-friendly bike that uses plywood as the main frame of the bike. While personally I’m not sure how strong this plywood can be, but this idea of plywood bike sounds fresh and new. According to the designer, the plywood frame was created with laminated veneer strips, curved in a manner that could hold the bike on the both lower and upper frame.


Based on the characteristic of a plywood, this material could provide an unique biking experience as it’s more flexible, can absorb shocks, light and strong.

“The frame utilises natural properties of plywood – a natural composite material that is light, strong, and absorbs vibrations. Geometry of the bike ensures a relaxed riding position and lets the user experience the pure pleasure of cycling. Components were selected with simplicity and easy maintenance in mind.”


Though I’m worrying about the durability of this bike. Will it become the food of termites if we store it outside the house?

[via Wired GadgetLab]

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