nClosure Kiosk Enclosure For iPad 2

nClosure Kiosk Enclosure is an unique case for iPad 2 that adds the Theft-proof function so you can secure it and transform any iPad into a full service kiosk.


nClosure Kiosk Enclosure is featuring a sturdy frame that it’s impossible to grab the iPad inside without first opening the case. It has a keyed tubular locking screw, and this nClosure Kiosk also has a cable lock to add something like Kensington security cable.

While remain locked inside the enclosure, the iPad’s functionality work just fine. What’s become the main downside is the pricing. This nClosure Kiosk Enclosure for iPad 2 is priced ad $169 a piece, which is way too expensive for an enclosure alone.

[via Chipchick]

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