Phantom v1610 High Speed Video Camera With 1 Million FPS

A company called Vision research has just launched a new high speed camera called Phantom v1610. As far as how fast, the company has stated that their Phantom v1610 is capable of recording up to an amazing 1 million frames per second!


Yep, this chubby looking machine (video camera) is actually a beast in disguise. Phantom v1610 high speed camera features widescreen CMOS sensor, and the resolution is available from the lowest 128 x 16p up to 1280 x 800p. However, the FPS on the largest resolution is only capable of reaching 16,000 frames per second.

As far as the other features goes, this Phantom v1610 hig speed camera has also featured 2 x HD-SDI ports that could be configured in various kind of ways, like what the source has described:

“They can act as identical 4:2:2 HD-SDI ports where one port can be set up to provide an (optional) on-screen display for monitoring the on-camera controls and camera operation. They can also be configured as a single 4:4:4 Dual-Link HD-SDI port.”

This video camera can also do GPS geo tagging, record directly to CineMag, and has 10GB ethernet connectivity. You can view the details of this high speed video camera over at Vision Research website.

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