JOOS Orange Portable Solar Panel

Would you be convinced to buy the solar panel if you’ve seen the device has been shot 5 times with gun and survive? Yes, that’s how durable and tough this JOOS Orange portable solar panel. The solar panel is not only durable and tough, it’s claimed to be able to capture up to 20 times more energy than other solar panels, and it’s about 3.5x faster than any other solar charger on its class!


Wow, finally we can see an improvement, huh? I’ve been a fans of solar panel and charger, but it’s just not the right time yet for me to jump in because the technology is still expensive, and it require a lot of space if it’s to power up the home. However, with this type of improved solar panel, I believe it would take another 3 or 4 years to enjoy a small scale of solar panel / charger that could generate way larger energy than the biggie modules.

As for this JOOS Orange solar charger, the test has resulting in about 2 hours extra 3G talk time from just 1 hour of direct sun light recharging. Optionally, the charge time can be improved by 40% using the Power-Boost Reflector Kit!

Check out the following demo, when the crews sadistically shoot this beauty solar charger with 5 merciless gun shots:

JOOS Orange solar charger is compatible with all mobile electronic devices like cell phones, smartphones, MP3 player, GPS device, handheld console, etc. You are only $140 away from getting this solar panel charger to juice up your gadget faster.

[via EarthTechling]

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