Espresso Solo Concrete Espresso Machine

I’ve been quite a fans of Espresso machines as of late, not only because they are great, but it’s also one kind of lifestyle. When reviewing these espresso machines, I’ve been always looking up to their design after I’ve confirmed they’ve passed all of my criteria of a great espresso maker because design can be a critical factor for my kitchen if I’m going to show it to my friends.

Of course, not everyone love this idea. If you are the type that love to be the unique guy of the block, you might want to check out this cool concrete espresso machine called Espresso Solo made by a group of people whose trying to find the harmony behind the concrete and fine metal parts.


There is no info on what type/model of Lavazza espresso machine that they are using. The coffee machine is capable of throwing a short and long shot of espresso only, so It shouldn’t be the type that is hyper expensive.

My ‘espresso solo’ project is a conceptual project. Called Espresso Solo, the conceptual product features metal working parts and a concrete case. The espresso machine makes only espresso: short and long. The design process begun in choosing the material: I choose concrete. I had a vision: concrete in the kitchen, not only as a wall or decorative part, I wanted it to be a desirable consumer product. The contrast between the roughness, massiveness and hardness of the concrete and the fine metal parts, which are dealing with the coffee preparation process, was very challenging and interesting for me.


It certainly looks unique if you have a room design that suit the concrete style. This conceptual project is not for sale, sadly. However, you might want to test your luck contacting the owner to see if they are willing to sell it to you or not.

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