Google Acquired Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion

Finally, The biggie Giant has shown its true face. Not only they are trying to beat the competition (iOS) out of the water using their Android OS, now Google is trying to seize its own playground with it’s own products, too!


Google recently has acquired Motorola Mobility, which they have produced a good range of smartphones and tablets. Obviously, the popular Motorola Xoom is included as well. That’s mean Google is not only the software creator now. They are also the hardware manufacturer that will create a huge impact to the competition, either it’s on the software of hardware, the outer circle on the OS side or the inner circle that put themselves directly in the competition with their own manufacturing partners.

Obviously, the future release of Motorola Xoom might be the strongest and the most compatible system for Google Android OS. We are interested to see how the market and the partners will response to this surprise. Can they even beat the hardware produced by the company who’ve developed the OS at the same time?

Google, your appetite is too strong…! :)

[via Business Wire]

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