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Smart Phone Note – A NotePad Double As iPhone Holder

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If you are the type that can’t live without a notepad even though you’ve already got the most cutting edge smartphone in the world, then you’re going to like this Smart Phone Note that is currently on sale in Japan.

This Smart Phone Note is a notepad + iPhone holder/socket where you can keep both notepad and iPhone 4 in place.


What’s cool is that this Smart Phone Note’s iPhone holder can hold the iPhone 4 in both portrait and landscape mode, and there is a special cutout allocated for you so you can plug in the earphone while it’s on the landscape mode!


The beauty of this Smart Phone Note is on the ability to free up one of your hand to hold the iPhone while you are taking note on the move or on your lap. I love that the cover of this Smart Phone Note also has the cutout so even if the cover is closed, you can still play with the iPhone.


If you are interested, you can get this Smart Phone Note for $29 or 30,000 Won directly from Design Tag website.

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