Sony PSP E-1000 Announced – The Economy Class Of PSP

Sony has just announced the new PSP E-1000 at Gamescon today as one of the PSP that will only available in the Europe market. Sony PSP E-1000 is nothing but a budget version for the PSP, where the company have striped the WIFI connectivity away from the game handheld console.


Sony PSP E-1000 will cost 99 euro only, and along with this model, Sony will roll out a range of PSP Essential game titles that will cost about 9.99 Euro only. Sadly, with the WiFi connectivity striped, player won’t be able to access to the internet, playing multiplayer games, or download anything to the PSP E-1000. The gaming will be played directly through the traditional UMD disc, or to be transferred from PlayStation Store using Media Go on your computer.

I thought it will be better if it’s a PS Vita without WiFi because PSP is a common game console in the market that most people have already own it if they like portable games. Will this E-1000 version make its comeback? Or will it be a short live console that can’t last for a year? It’s interesting to see how the market will react.

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