LightWedge 2.0 Rechargeable Light Reading Lamp

Here is another cool variation of a reading light if you are an avid reader. Often, the most comfortable reading zone is on the bed, at night, alone or accompanied by spouse. Obviously, if you are alone, you can open the light as bright as you like without worrying of disturbing anyone’s sleep. However, if you are not alone, it’s important to respect for others sleep time. You can still read your book without opening light, the solution is to get a portable reading lamp. LightWedge 2.0 is the reading tool that I’m taking about. I’ve seen a lot of reading gadget in the past, but LightWedge 2.0 is definitely one of the coolest reading lamp that could double as a bookmark.


LightWedge 2.0 is rechargeable, coming with a transparent glass which will dispersed the light from the big black strip at the left side. Each full recharge will gives you about 15-hours of bright light for reading, which is more than enough for your night 1 or 2 hours reading session in your bed without disturbing anyone.


If you are interested, you can get this LightWedge 2.0 rechargeable light for $49.99.

[via LightWedge]

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