Tagg Pet GPS Tracker – Never Lose Your Pet Again

Usually most pet has a good sense of direction, they can get back to their home even they’ve traveled far away. But in rare case, they’ll be distracted by the new environment and neglecting their sense and lost in the way. If you often let your pet wondering around the neighborhood, you might want to use this new pet tracking device from Tagg.


Tagg Pet GPS Tracker is designed exclusively for your pet, especially for dog and cat. The device can let you detect the presence of your pet directly in front of your PC through a GPS system. The device will also alert you when your beloved pet has wandering too far away, and it will send you email if the battery is running low.


All you have to do is to to attach the Tagg Pet GPS Tracker onto your pet’s collar and it’s good to go. What has become the downside is that there is a fee to allow you to track your pet’s whereabouts.


The Tagg Pet GPS Tracker will cost $200 a year, and you have to add another $139.99 per year for each additional tracker. The more pet you have the more fee you have to pay each year. Well, if you never let your pet wandering around, you don’t have to spend this innocence money anyway.

[via Tagg]

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