Logitech Solar K750 Wireless Keyboard MAC Version Available Now!

Remember that cool solar keyboard Logitech K750? This keyboard is now made available for Mac users, too! Similar to what the Windows-compatible version, this Logitech Solar K750 Wireless keyboard is coming with a strip of light sensitive on-board solar cells that is capable of powering up the keyboard by using a dime or ambient light. As long as the area of your work has light, the keyword will work well. Even if you are working in a dark room with the only light source is from your monitor, rest assure that Logitech Solar K750 wireless keyboard is going to help you get your jobs done.


The fully charged Logitech Solar K750 wireless keyboard is going to last about 3 months depending on how many hours you’ll work with this keyboard per day. There is a switch in the keyboard that could let you choose whether if you want to use the battery mode or solar cell mode.

Logitech Solar K750 wireless keyboard for Mac is now available across US and Europe in five colors for $59.99. If you want to go green, let’s start with this keyboard!

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