I.Dear Wooden Zoo Whale iPhone Stand

Think iWrench is not the stand that you are looking for? Here is another cute suggestion if you are the type that love cute stuffs.

i.dear is a wooden zoo whale character, a mammal that should be very gigantic and tough. However, this iPhone stand is pretty small, with the whale mouth opening width that could have a nice bite on your phone when you are trying to make a stand.


Obviously, such stand will allow users to let their iPhone rest on both landscape or portrait position on the flat table.

i.Dear Wooden Zoo Whale iPhone stand is made in South Korea, where we know that they are the second country in the world that have some many odd and unique stuffs other than Japan.


What’s quite a surprise and why this i.Dear is better than iWrench is that i.Dear has a built-in speaker inside the whale body! You can connect it up with your iPhone with the 3.5mm audio cable and you shall hear the sound come out from the whale without any extra battery needed.

This i.Dear is currently available at earlyadopter (Korean) for 34,800 Won or equal to $33 USD. Thought we are not sure if they do ship to the States or not.

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