iWrench iPhone 4 Stand

Have you seen a wrench that is used on stuffs other than nuts abd bolts? Well, if you haven’t, today is the chance to witness the oddity!


Yep, introducing you to the iWrench – one of the odd stand like the iPlunge that you’ve seen in the past. It shaped like a plumbers wrench, but I would doubt if it can do any good with the real nuts.

Though it’s not mention at Strapya World, I believe this iWrench is made of plastic and it would never be used on opening/closing a bolts/nuts. It’s only for iPhone 4 or other gadget with similar dimension with flat screen surface. It can support them on both landscape and portrait position with adjustable knob to tighten up the grip.


This iWrench is pretty cheap, for just $8.80 or 680 Yen, you can get it at Strapya.

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