Nintendo Wii Redesign Is Smaller, Cheaper, With GameCube Capability Stripped

Nintendo recently has redesigned their old Nintendo Wii console into something more compact at Gamescom. This new design is slightly better and it said to be cheaper than the previous design.


The reason is simply because the company have stripped some of the default capability, like you will not be able to play any Gamecube games in this machine anymore! Some of the portion made for GameCube controller and memory slots have been stripped away, and I believe by removing that feature alone, the console has done quite a weight-loss.

Sadly, even it’s announced to be a cheaper console, the company haven’t released any information on how cheap this new redesigned machine is. Hopefully, it will be on the $99 mark.

If you think it’s not the time for you to jump on the next gen Wii U for now, you can consider to have this new redesigned Wii if you haven’t got one.

[via TGDaily]

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