AMD Fusion APUs Getting Stronger And Better Battery Life

In the past, a stronger performing processing unit is always a match to a decreasing battery life on portable device such as a laptop. However, that’s a story from the yesteryears anyway. Since AMD invented Fusion APUs, not only the mobile processor is faster, the battery life is also improving significantly.


AMD has recently announced a new update for their AMD Fusion APU processor by inserting the C and E-Series APUs to the market. This update bring the processor to a better HD graphic capability, DDR3 1333 support for wider memory bandwidth, faster performance and video playback, DisplyaPort ++ support and more on the support for HDMI 1.4a that is capable of displaying 3D contents.

The most interesting improvement is on the battery life. AMD Fusion C-Series APU is capable of getting long 12-hours of battery life, while the E-Series APU is a little bit over the 10-hours battery life.

Not only that, according to the information we have received, most of ultraportables that uses AMD Fusion APU are affordable. You can actually pick up a system that play HD video, 10 hours of battery life for under $399 when it’s hitting the market.

It’s interesting to see how AMD Fusion APU is going to impact the market, and how Intel will response to this attack. Can Intel’s second generation precessors defeat this technology?

[via Chipchick]

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