Picture Of The Day – Where’s Wall-E?


Here is a fun eye-boggling picture created by Richard Sargent. This man is a true fans of robots from science fiction movies, so he has managed to collect them all, and splash it down onto one big picture. It’s like a big family of robots from all era, but it’s not a family photo here. This picture is actually a challenge for the viewer to find “Where’s Wall-E?” like the “Where’s waldo?” style of puzzle. It’s fun, and I have to admitted that I’m suck with this type of puzzle. I haven’t found Wall-E, so I’ll leave the searching task to you.

Here is the larger version of the Where’s Wall-E image (courtesy of HopeWellStudios)

Now, have you found the wall-E? Well… I haven’t.

[via Laughing Squid]

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