Pogo Sketch Pro iPad Stylus Is Great For Sketching On iPad Screen

New variant of Pogo Stylus has been launched by the creator Ten One and it is a solution to a better drawing or sketching on iPad’s display. Known as Pogo Sketch Pro iPad Stylus, this stylus has a natural design with comfortable grip, tipped with a balanced unibody aluminum handle.


Unlike the Pogo iPhone stylus that look rather fat and chubby, Pogo Sketch Pro iPad stylus is looking slim, like a chopstick with fat handle but skinny leg.

According to Ten One, this Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus is the most sensitive stylus on the market, with perfect 100-percent effective at every angle of use.

“Pogo Sketch Pro employs a new patent pending tip technology involving patterned structures within the tip itself. This advancement allows incredible sensitivity while maintaining a small tip diameter.”


Pogo Sketch Pro is now available for $24.95 directly at Ten One Website. If you are interested, you can get one there.


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