StarTech Pocket Hard Drive Duplicator

Want to duplicate a hard drive without turning on a PC? Well, there are a lot of hard drive cloning tools available in the market, but I doubt if there is a cheap solution like this StarTech Pocket Hard Drive Duplicator. It’s only $77.99, but it’s coming with handful of features for cloning hard drive.


StarTech Pocket Hard Drive Duplicator is coming with both eSATA and USB connector that allow users to hook up the device with PC and turn the duplicator into some kind of hard drive dock for PC. As for the duplication feature, StarTech Pocket Hard Drive Duplicator allow exact 1-to-1 sector clone, including partition, boot sector information, and all data inside the source hard drive. There is an indicator above the destination port showing the percentage of the cloning process.

Of course, such a small device wouldn’t be able to power both of the hard drive. It comes with a power brick similar to a laptop version to ensure both hard drives get the sufficient power.


This StarTech Pocket Hard Drive Duplicator is selling for $78 directly at their official website. In case you want to be a reseller, there is a special pricing available after you’ve created an account.

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