Anytone Smart Cover Power: A Smart Cover That Gives Extra Juice For iPad 2

Adding extra battery life to iPad 2 is getting easier. You may have seen a power case that add a little thickness to iPad 2 but gives exactly the double of battery life, but I’m not going to talk about that in this article. What we have found recently at Brando is a new battery accessory for iPad 2 that is even easier to use than using a special case. Not only it is very thin at 6mm only, the battery is said to be able to add about 5 hours of extra battery life on a single charge through the AC outlet/USB outlet.


This is the Anytone Smart Cover Power, an extra slim battery brick that you can stick it to your smart cover yet it won’t disturb the smart cover functionality at all. The battery containing 3,000mAh of battery cell, has battery indicator and on/off switch. This Anytone Smart Cover Power is rechargeable via miniUSB.

By looking at the arrangement in the picture above, I guess it’s possible to add another three Anytone Smart Cover Power which should end up with twenty hours of extra operation time.

This iPad 2 Smart Cover Power battery is available for $38 at Brando.


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